General Changes

Dramatic Failure

Dramatic failure effect is triggered whenever a die roll comes up with one, without a single success. Naturally, this means that any chance dies that come up with one indicate dramatic failure.

Critical Hits

Whenever a strike in combat scores more damage than the target’s Size, any damage in excess of size is upgraded to the next damage type. Bashing becomes lethal and lethal becomes aggravated.

When a character suffers aggravated damage, roll on the following table (only if the attack is not a called shot):

Die Roll Hit Location
1-3 One Leg
4-6 Torso
7-8 Dominant Arm
8-9 Non-dominant Arm
0 Head

Once you figured out the location it is time to figure out severity of the hit. Base severity is equal to the aggravated damage inflicted in the attack. The target reduces it with Stamina roll. Mundane conditions do not penalize this roll, but each critical hit already sustained imposes a -1 penalty to the roll. On a dramatic failure, increase severity by one. Never add the severity of two critical hit, but their effects are cumulative.

Severity Effect
0 None
1 The character suffers -1 penalty on all actions that involve affected body part. Effects last for a scene and are cumulative.
2 Body part is useless for the next turn. If the location is head or torso, the character cannot act on his next turn at all
3 Body part is useless for the scene. Other effect are the same as per severity 2.
4 Indefinite crippling injury.
5 Death

General Changes

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